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Maria started working with me because her life felt overwhelmingly messy. As the mother of an autistic child, she wanted to freelance as a copywriter from home, but she had a hard time setting up the necessary systems. We worked to establish a doable schedule and Maria learned to set better boundaries to use her available time. Today, Maria is enrolled part-time in college classes and has set up a successful copywriting business.

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Success Stories
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Anthony felt stuck with his work. He had long dreamed of writing a book and wanted to dedicate much more time to his interest in interior design. The first challenge was to step back from his daily professional duties enough to free up sufficient time. Anthony then set up a writing routine that works on most days. He feels less stressed and anxious and best of all, he recently finished the first draft of his book. “I always come away from our sessions with so much clarity to know what I want to do next,” he says.

E. is a science fiction writer who has ADHD. They struggle with focus issues and writer’s block and get worried about their lack of progress. They came to me to build better writing habits that would feel more productive. Today they have created a healthier eating and walking schedule that gives them better energy and lets them recognize when it’s time to take a break from writing. Their new novel is coming out this fall.

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Imagine sharing a place where creativity and motivation happens.
Despite our best intentions, finding the necessary time, motivation, and energy to pursue your big dreams can be tough.
The participants in my 4-week group programs tackle the challenge together. Everyone brings their own project – from rediscovering book concepts to finalizing and wrapping up those ‘almost done’ pieces – and we share our progress.
We interact daily across multiple time zones to share inspiration and suggestions for finding a fresh approach.
The program includes 2 personal coaching sessions and weekly live Q&A sessions to share updates and tips.