Laser Coaching - Take Back My Day

What clients are saying:

Super useful and highly effective! I would definitely recommend this shorter format to anyone who needs to discuss one specific issue.

Laser Coaching is the solution on the go.

1 problem + 1 appointment = fresh perspective

I get it, you're busy. You only need a few quick actions to address a challenge with your writing or productivity. One topic, twenty minutes of conversation. That's it. Productivity coaching made easy.

How it works: Click the button below or go to my Scheduling page and select "Laser coaching". Enter the topic you want to discuss into the popup form. Because we will only have 20 minutes, it is best to pick a concise issue. To give you an example, you will come away with great ideas if your question is "What is my next step in setting up my new blog?" but we won't be able to arrive at a satisfactory solution for "How can I stop procrastinating?"

Questions or doubts? Send me a quick e-mail.


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I feel empowered and energized!
I was close to giving up. Thanks for helping me stay motivated. I am so glad I kept writing.
Without Dorothee's help, I would still be in the draft stage.