DO IT NOW! Power hour



Imagine a weekly group meeting to GET. THINGS. DONE.

On your own, finding the time, motivation, and energy to take care of your to-do list can be tough.

Participants of my weekly Do It Now! Power Hour look forward to sixty minutes of shared accountability. We all log in at the same time, share our intentions for the coming hour, and then we’re off – whether it’s writing social media posts, paying bills, or cleaning up clutter. The experience of shared activity is empowering and inspiring.

The next round of POWER HOUR is now open for registration. Your monthly fee covers weekly meetings via Zoom and a private chat group to share updates and tips.

feedback from the last round of power hours

“I got so much done!”

“The focus on crossing tasks off our lists was so empowering”

“Tell me when the next round starts…”

next program starts

November 2022