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Complete What You Started!

Is there an unfinished business project in your life?

In January 2021, I am launching a new program to help you find the time and energy to complete your work. Sooner or later, unfinished ideas become obstacles that stand in the way of our success. Finally wrap up that book, website or podcast idea  and kick-start your freelance business in 2021! I am excited to share that my book, Complete What You Started, is now available as a Kindle book and as an illustrated workbook version for downloading.


- Identify and overcome obstacles
- Beat your harsh inner critic
- Keep working when time is scarce

Have a project to finish?

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Participant comments

I feel empowered and energized!
I was close to giving up. Thanks for helping me stay motivated. I am so glad I kept writing.
Without Dorothee's help, I would still be in the draft stage.