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I feel empowered and energized!
I was close to giving up. Thanks for helping me stay motivated. I am so glad I kept writing.
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Without Dorothee’s help, I would still be in the draft stage.
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The wisdom of thinking outside the box.

Many people struggle to find the necessary time, motivation, and energy to pursue big dreams.  This book and the matching coaching and creativity programs are designed to engage in exactly that process–from rediscovering an old idea to finalizing and wrapping up the work. It offers inspiration and suggestions for finding a fresh approach for every step. Each of the six chapters contains specific suggestions for finding your way back to a project that has come to a halt. Along with a list of activities to explore you will find room for your own notes, and a checklist for moving on.

Complete What You Started is available in the following versions:

About the author As an unconventional thinker, I know there are many ways to reach a goal. At age 19, I chose to travel the world instead of going to college. “That can’t be done!” has rarely stopped me. I built a six-figure freelance business in a remote rural area of America and ascended to serve as the national president of my professional association. That leadership experience reinforced my interest in effective work and management methods so much that I became a certified productivity coach (CPC). In my coaching work, I help people rediscover their creative energy and move “stuck” projects across the finish line.