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Complete What You Started

I am delighted to introduce you to my new book – a guide for completing long-term projects that have lost steam. My book offers checklists and suggestions for six stages, from rediscovery to carrying the project across the finish line. Complete What You Started is available at Amazon and through my website.

How the book came about: In my practice as a coach, I encounter many clients who aren’t making progress on their long-term goals, particularly in the area of creative projects. In those cases, conventional organizing approaches such as small amounts of consistent work, time boxing etc. are not fruitful – because time is not the problem. The key to continue and finish large projects is associated with motivation.

Approach: My system starts with the exploration of past work. The original excitement and creative potential of an idea, combined with rediscovering existing resources, generates the positive energy that has been missing. Every project is driven by a spark – a larger purpose and dream. The examination of past work efforts frequently leads to the discovery of forgotten materials and related work in other art forms that are associated with the same purpose.

The insights gained from this discovery process can be harnessed to build excitement and greater investment in the project. A better understanding of mindset and thought processes helps to turn projects into “work,” rather than a hobby or a dilettante pastime. The resulting confidence becomes the foundation for implementing working routines and setting milestones. Because accountability settings are an important part of maintaining this energy, I am building communities that provide support. The results have been astonishing. As participants let go of their hesitation and celebrate successes together, they begin to appreciate their work through the eyes of others. 

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