Dorothee Racette, Author at Take Back My Day
October 19, 2022

Why procrastination is about managing perspectives, not time

We all know the feeling:  There is a long list of things you “should” be doing – write content, market […]
August 3, 2022

Freelancing with ADHD

If you are a freelancer with ADHD who continuously struggles to stay organized and tends to work long hours to […]
January 31, 2022

The value of your time

Assessing the value of your time is especially relevant when it comes to calculating how much to charge for your […]
January 14, 2022

Managing your time in 2022

  I hope your new year is off to a busy start, or better yet, to just the right amount […]
October 24, 2021

Why learning matters

“The brain is designed for homeostasis,” say neuroscientists who study human capacity of learning new concepts. If you’ve ever worked […]
September 20, 2021

Building lasting habits

Habit research is a fascinating field. It explores how much of our daily activity is automated, and how we can […]
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