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February 3, 2017
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March 12, 2017
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Moving from ‘urgent’ to ‘important’

[Podcast Episode 19] Stop putting out fires and move to a long-term perspective to pursue your goals!

Important is seldom urgent, and urgent is seldom important," (D. Eisenhower)

Work can seem like a never-ending sequence of high-stress tasks, with frequent interruptions that eat away at your time.
What happens if the resulting work pressure becomes the “new normal”?

The difference between the urgent and important holds the key to finding a new perspective for your business.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast, which provided lots of food for thought. I appreciated how Dorothee first clarified the difference between urgent and important, which I never considered in this way before. The sound effects were wonderful! The way she then outlined some simple, practical tips to create a better work-life balance was really helpful and are things I will keep in mind as I continue to build my business. Great job!

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