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Are you ready to improve your daily time choices? Take Back My Day offers three different coaching packages that are custom-tailored to your needs. Coaching is a client-driven process that focuses on YOUR goals and actions. Creating your own solutions for a structured day does not happen overnight. That’s why all coaching packages require a minimum commitment of 3 months. Questions? Schedule a FREE 30-minute information session now!

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At the Basic level, you will go through an assessment of your daily schedule to shed some light on your routines and habits. Based on these insights, you will then define the time and productivity goals you want to pursue.

You will interact with Dorothee by email, and can discuss specific questions with other forum members in a closed (non-public) forum.

This level is right for you if you do well in self-guided settings with monthly coaching and support.

The Basic level is a good choice if you are interested in improving your productivity and time choices, but don’t have much time to commit. You will explore your strengths, set goals, and receive suggestions for further learning and reading.


At the Enhanced Level, we go a little deeper. Starting from a thorough time assessment and a definition of your goals, you begin to explore your time choices by interacting with Dorothee via e-mail and Skype.

Your personal assignments and special discussions in small (closed) groups are designed to help you explore your time challenges and larger goals in a supportive setting. You will interact personally with Dorothee twice a month for one hour, with goal tracking and personalized follow-up.

Are you not living your life to the fullest? Are you missing out on business opportunities because you are always too busy? Does your day never have enough hours to fit everything in? If you feel that your stress levels or time constraints prevent you from achieving the goals you feel passionate about, it may be helpful to engage in a deeper exploration. Looking at your time use in greater detail and learning essential strategies such as building a positive routine and adding constructive new habits is rewarding and highly effective.


At the Premium Level, we go all in. We take a detailed look at your time choices, optionally at your work place or in your home*. You then work with Dorothee to break down your goals and build a schedule to accommodate them. During your weekly personal interactions with Dorothee via Skype, you will discuss specific challenges and work to find sustainable solutions.

In addition, your personal assignments and special discussions in small (closed) groups are designed to help you explore your time challenges and larger goals in a supportive setting. In addition to goal tracking and personalized follow-up, we will also discuss leadership skills associated with managing team schedules and a balanced business routine.

Have you recently taken over an expanded leadership role, started a business, or are you working on a major project that seems overwhelming? Is your business faltering, while time demands are leaving you breathless? Then an intensive weekly discussion of productivity and time management may be the right solution for you. Take advantage of skilled advisement to guide you through challenging projects without giving up on living your life!

“It is such a relief to know I am not the only one struggling with distraction and procrastination.” - 2017 workshop participant